What are savvy Bricks?

savvy Bricks are compressed stabilised earth blocks, CSEB. savvy Bricks model of CSEB are interlocking and manufactured under strict supervision in an industrial process to ensured top quality and design.

What kind of houses can be built with savvy Bricks?

When properly manufactured, CSEB are very stable and durable. savvy Constructions has mastered the process of manufacturing CSEB and even add an edge to them. Therefore savvy Bricks can be use to build any kind of house.

Is building with savvy Bricks complicated?

Building with savvy Bricks is very easy and fast. A trained bricklayer is not necessary needed. However, certain rules and technically issues must be taken into consideration. We therefore, advise potential builders to consult our technicians.

Is building with savvy bricks more expensive?

Building with savvy bricks are 30 – 50% cheaper than building with hallow cement blocks. For a comprehensive comparison, please go to our Home|Benefit page.

Where can one buy savvy Bricks?

savvy bricks can be bought from our headquarters in Kie Limbe or from any of our selling points located across the country. An online store will soon be operational.