savvy Bricks Benefits


Eliminate many elements & construct at Lower Cost.
It’s nearly impossible to construct good looking buildings without additional cost. Yet savvy Brick achieves that goal. Using savvy Bricks, you may save cost by eliminating formworks for reinforced concrete column and beams, plastering and painting costs, reducing many workers, steel and cement. Not only that, due to faster completion compared to conventional construction method, you will save so much more on the project’s operation cost.


Faster project completion.

Constructing with savvy Bricks is very fast. It is just brick stacking and not bricklaying. Constructing columns and beams without the need of wood formworks.  No chiseling and refilling for electrical ducts and water pipes needed. Total eliminating of plastering works in addition to weather proof construction are several of the key factors why building with savvy Bricks is faster than conventional methods.

03. Beautiful finishing

The look says it all.
One can call it Tropical, English, Mediterranean or even modern contemporary style. savvy Bricks act both as structural element and as architectural finishing.


Natural air Conditioning.

savvy Bricks have excellent thermal performance due to the thermal mass of the bricks, reducing heating and cooling costs. The humidity is regulated through the breathability of the walls reducing the need for air conditioning systems. For example with a maximum ambient temperature of 42 °C, the interior temperatures would be around:

Concrete House: 44 °C (2 °C above ambient)

savvy Bricks House: 33 °C (9 °C below ambient)



Natural air Conditioning. Many more reasons to build with savvy Bricks


Sound insulation for a 40cm thick wall is 56dB.

An estimated FCFA 11.5 billion in property damage occurred as a result of fire each year.

savvy Bricks receive and dissipate the bullets energy stopping it more rapidly than other masonry units.

The walls are very solid, very dense, and have no food value.

With a pH of 12.4, when stabilized with lime, mold is unable to grow.

Materials are completely natural, non-toxic, synthetic chemical-free, and do not off-gas harmful chemicals.